Our furnace repair team in Frisco, TX would love to show natural gas users how to save money on utility bills. Some things you can do yourself is to take a look at how you use heat throughout your home. Are there rooms that aren’t begin occupied on a regular basis? Then close the heat register.

It is estimated that 30 percent of your home’s heat is lost through poorly fitted windows and doors. Take a few minutes right now to make sure your furnace’s filter is clean. Our heating and air technicians see completely clogged air filters everyday. Your blower equipment has to work harder than necessary, so could have saved about 10 per cent on heating costs.

High AFUE Furnace

But the greatest savings to you and tour family will come from upgrading to a newer, higher efficiency furnace. You will pay up front costs of a few thousand dollars, but you will save hundreds per year for the next fifteen years over a cheap, builders grade model.

Many Frisco TX  homes have furnaces that are 18 to 20 years old. Those furnaces were manufactured to only operate at just 60 per cent efficiency. Now you can get some that are 96 percent efficient. (AFUE rating 96.)

Inspect Your Furnace Before Winter’s Cold Gets Here

Our Frisco air conditioning and heating professionals will perform a low cost  furnace checkup to ensure both your family’s comfort and safety. Our inspection will include the following:

  • Visually inspecting all vents, the heat exchanger and motor
  • We check / light the pilot light
  • Clean dust from the blower
  • Testing the thermostat, ensure that you have the latest programmable type with Energy Star rating
  • Check safety components
  • Check the flue for obstructions
  • Our technicians lubricate blower bearings and blower motor

As temperatures in the North Texas area starts to drop, we all will fire our furnaces for the first time this year. But, before you turn on the heat, Frisco  heating and air condition experts advise checking to make sure everything’s running properly.

We recommend routine maintenance checks of your furnace because they keep your family safe and save you money. Our heating and cooling techs will keep your equipment running at peak efficiency.